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To ensure that we are able to respond to your inquiry as quickly and accurately as possible, we kindly ask that first-time clients kindly review and submit the following Terms of Services when asking for an estimate.

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Checklist for Submitting Inquiry

In order for us to quote accurately and promptly, please give us as much information as possible about your project.

  • Type of Production (game/anime/documentary/audio-guide, etc.)
  • Territories & Platforms for use
  • Character Genders (male, female)
  • Lines/Words
  • ┬áLines for each Character
  • Time Constraints and Limits (loose, lip sync, etc.)
  • Sample Script
  • Sample Video
  • Deadline/Turnaround Time
  • Delivery Format
  • Level of Editing Required (Protools session, broadcast-ready, Post-Production, etc.)