Who are we?

Japan Voice Talent is a branch with roots from Dagmusic. Since 2004, Dagmusic has been working with Japanese companies who need non-Japanese talent for games, documentaries, anime etc. Dagmusic specializes in providing Tokyo based foreign professional talent for content created in Tokyo, saving our clients the expense and hassle of going abroad for recordings.

donna-burkeDagmusic is owned by veteran voice actor and singer Donna Burke. Donna has lived in Japan since 1996 and started Dagmusic in 2004 to meet a growing demand from Japanese clients to have a trusted studio to cast and record singers and voice actors that would meet the demands of international consumers.

Why does Tokyo have so many talented professionals? The main reason is that the English language learning industry here is huge. There are hundreds of professional narrators working full time for textbooks teaching English to Japanese pitched from 2 year old children, through elementary, junior, senior high, universities and for the workplace.
Finding high quality voice actors and announcers for documentaries, anime and games is therefore not too difficult.
It also helps that Tokyo is a great place to live!

Over the last few years, Dagmusic has had more inquiries from clients outside Japan looking for Japanese voices so we created a simple website, Japan Voice Talent, to help them find us. You can relax knowing you are being cared for by an experienced, friendly team who are fluent in English and Japanese.

The Dagmusic team is happy to help you make a great project!

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